Ink Drawings of the Forest for Sale

Ink Drawings of the Forest for Sale

Ink Drawings of the Forest for SaleInk Drawings of the Forest for SaleInk Drawings of the Forest for Sale

Fine art pen and ink drawings of trees and the forest.

Does nature inspire you? Perhaps you simply enjoy authentic, detailed pictures of forest scenes. Whatever your reason, find beautiful ink drawings of the forest for sale at Liz Paganelli Fine Art. 

Let the Art of Nature Enhance Your Life

Whether you live far away from nature or simply want artwork that will inspire you to live each day fully, my pen drawings of the forest for sale can help. Enjoy beautiful renditions of trees, forests, birds, and Lake Tahoe to help you escape and enjoy life.

All of the ink drawings of the forest are unique to the Sierra landscape, which gives you a look into one of the most beautiful areas of the world. You’ll be transported away to the majestic trees, seasonal variations, and breathtaking landscapes.

Each piece is carefully composed from real-life hiking, kayaking, photographing, and sketching. That way, you know you can truly experience a scene from a real-world location.

Enjoy Artwork From a Talented Artist

I have over 40 years of experience as an artist, including a stay at the Kala Institute as artist in residence; an education at the Santa Reparta Graphic Institute in Florence, Italy; and several gallery shows and exhibitions in California and Nevada. You can rely on my skill, taste for realistic detail, and love of nature to provide with a piece that you’ll truly enjoy viewing over and over. 

Order Beautiful Artwork Today

If you want to beautify your home, gallery, or office with beautiful ink and pen drawings of the forest, then discover what artwork I have to offer. Subscribe today.



Old Pine

I love the shapes of dead trees and how the branches intertwine and create patterns. Dead trees or snags are home to about 85 species of birds and at least 50 animal species. They rely on snags as shelter, food, and nesting. This tree was on the interpretive trail betwee Reno and Lake Tahoe. Check for sizes and framing in the shop.

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